• Abbaye 125

    Photo contest


    Abbaye de Fontdouce
  • Abbaye 125

    Photo contest


    Abbaye de Fontdouce

Photo Contest

Each year, a photo contest is organised in Fontdouce during the season. It is an opportunity to bring light to new aspects of the place, that even regular visitors wouldn't necessarily notice.

In 2019, the contestants will develop the theme of "Architecture and Landscape". This large subject brings you the opportunity to let your imagination be free. The aim is to surprise the audience by the shot.

Fontdouce abbey and the surrounding places offer an exceptional natural and historical environment. The choice is vast and gives freedom to the photographers. Pictures must be taken at the abbey and in Fontdouce valley.

The contestants are invited to send us their pictures by mail before 31 August 2019 (5 pictures maximum, the size and characteristics can be found in the rules): digital (HD) or paper copy, in colour or black and white. The contest is free and only open to amateur photographers.

Another key moment : the vote. Once the photos are uploaded on the website, they will be put to the vote of the internet users who will elect their winner. A second board of professionals and members of the Guillaume de Conchamp association, will also meet to elect their winner.

More information : Download the contest's rules (PDF)

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